Frequently Asked Questions


Booking an appointment with an experienced mortgage advisor is quick and easy. Either call, email, or send a message directly through our website or social media.  We offer flexible appointments in person, by phone, or by video, so that we compliment today’s busy lifestyles.


The documents needed to process a mortgage application vary case by case because each case is unique. Firstly, you will need proof of address, photo I.D, bank statements, payslips, or accounts and SA302’s if self-employed. You can upload these to us securely via encrypted mail and a mortgage advisor can certify them for the lender.


Lillywhite Fosters have established working relationships with a broad range of lenders, insurance providers, solicitors, and estate agents.  This enables us to transact business in a speedy and efficient manner.  Having your paperwork handy will help avoid delays.


Lillywhite Fosters always provide professional and fully qualified mortgage and protection advice.

We work hard to understand our clients needs and we work even harder to meet them. Most especially, we work with our client’s not for them.

Get in touch with a friendly mortgage advisor today to start your search for the best mortgage for you. 

Chippenham Mortgage Advisor Faqs

Lillywhite Fosters

Lillywhite Fosters are an experienced team of mortgage brokers providing jargon free, whole of market mortgage advice in Chippenham, Bath, and Swindon.   We proudly form part of a national network of experienced mortgage and protection advisers.  So, wherever you are in the UK we can help you via phone or Skype.

We know that every client has a unique situation and as a result will have individual needs.  Therefore, our approach is always thorough and attentive because it is our responsibility and duty to provide suitable and justifiable advice every time.

Finally, we look forward to answering any questions or enquiries you may have, just call or message us below.